The Midwest Bioprocessing Center

Formed in 2019, The Midwest Bioprocessing Center is dedicated to bringing important new bioprocess technologies and products to market for human health and nutrition. The Company combines proprietary molecular biology, biocatalysis and fermentation technologies to produce important new industrial compounds. MBC offers a growing catalog of products for sale  and carries out custom synthesis for customers in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and nutritional industries.

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Products and Services


The proprietary zuCarb™ technology allows us to make rare sugars, sugar phosphates, and activated sugars that have previously been too expensive or unavailable. These products are potential building blocks for new therapeutics and research applications. Download our current catalog or inquire about your custom synthesis or glycodiversification application.




MBC can help develop, scale, optimize and produce your custom biochemicals from bench top to kilo lab on a contract basis. Equipment includes specialized systems for fermentation and enzyme catalysis (including continuous membrane reactor system). Contact us to see how we can help you with your custom synthesis projects!




iActive Feruloyl Glycerides are unique personal care ingredients that combine the UV-absorbing and antioxidant properties of Ferulic acid with the skin absorbency and water resistance of natural oils. They are easy to formulate and are ideally suited for use in sunscreens, lotions, and other products.




Download Our Catalog:MBC zuCarb™ Catalog

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