Bioprocess Services

MBC specializes in the production of fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, oligosaccharides, nutraceuticals, and others using natural bioprocess methods.  We can help you develop, scale, optimize, or produce your custom products from bench-top to kilogram scale on a contract basis.  Equipment includes specialized systems for fermentation and enzyme catalysis (including continuous membrane reactor system).   Contact us to see how we can help you with custom synthesis projects!

Biocatalyst Development and Engineering


  • We are specialists in the development and engineering of stable enzymes for industrial catalysis.
  • Access our growing library of biocatalysts or develop and produce custom biocatalysts specifically for your project.
  • Specialties include in thermostable enzymes, directed evolution of enzyme activities, expression and purification of enzymes.


Synthetic Biology/Strain Development


  • Whether your ultimate goal is to produce thousands of tons of a specialty chemical or kilograms of a fine chemical, our synthetic biology group can design and develop a strain suited for the job.
  • Experience ranges from E coli to yeasts to fungi.



Biocatalysis and Fermentation Optimization/Scale-up  


  • Midwest Bioprocessing Center has a full range of bioprocess equipment to carry out optimization and scale-up of your reactions.
  • Bench-top to kg production.
  • Available equipment includes.
    • 2-10L Benchtop fermentation and bioreactors
    • 16L Fermentation
    • Microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration
    • Ion exchange
    • Preparative chromatography
    • Product crystallization and recovery
    • Lyophilization
    • Custom-built continuous Grallzyme 100 and Grallzyme 300 enzyme reactors capable of reaction temperatures over 65°C


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