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Introducing FeruliShield™ Feruloyl Glycerides

Proud to be USDA BioPreferred® Certified

iActive™ Feruloyl Glycerides are new, scientifically developed natural personal care ingredients that combine the UV-stablization and antioxidant properties of ferulic acid with the formulation advantages of natural oils.

Background. Ferulic acid and its derivatives are known to possess powerful UV-protective and antioxidant properties due to their ability to form stabilized radicals when exposed to environmental oxidants or UV-radiation. Because of these properties, ferulic acid has found its way into numerous personal care products and is frequently combined with commonly used UV-sensitive ingredients, such as vitamin E and retinol.

FeruliShield™ – Improved Ferulic Acid Performance. Feruloyl Glycerides are made by enzymatically linking ferulic acid to a triglyceride like soybean or coconut oil.  The resulting products are stable, easy to formulate, lipophilic, readily absorbed, and provide long-lasting protection from environmental damage.  They also help maintain efficacy of other active ingredients by protecting against photodegredation and can be used as an SPF booster.

FeruliShield™ can be added into many types of products, such as skincare (cleansers, serums, creams and lotions); sunscreens, of course; hair care (shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments, and masks); and even cosmetics (foundations, primers, settings sprays, etc.); allowing all of these potential products to shield you from the sun damage.



Download iActive FSG33 and FCG33 Product Brochure:Feruloyl Glyceride Information Sheet

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