The Midwest Bioprocessing Center Announces Acquisition of iActive Naturals Clean Health and Beauty Ingredient Platform

Peoria, IL (March 25, 2021) – The Midwest Bioprocessing Center (MBC), a leading producer of bio-based chemicals for human health and nutrition, announced today that it has acquired the technology, product line and production assets of iActive™ Naturals from the Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation (BRDC).

Products currently include FSG33 and FCG33, two oil-based ferulates derived from soybean oil and coconut oil respectively.  These natural products combine the unique cosmetic properties of ferulic acid, with the ease of formulation of lipids.

“FSG33 and FCG33 are highly effective at providing broad spectrum UV absorption protection and antioxidant activity.  They help bring anti-wrinkling and antiaging properties to lotions and other cosmetic health and beauty products,” said Dr. David Demirjian, Manager and co-founder of the Midwest Bioprocessing Center.  “They can also be an effective SPF booster when used in sunscreens.”

The patented enzyme-based production technology for the iActive products was originally invented at the US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research located in Peoria, IL.  Its development was funded in part by the Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation.

“We are excited that the Midwest Bioprocessing Center will be commercializing this technology,” said Dr. Grant Brewen, President of the BRDC.  “Their bioprocess expertise make them an ideal partner for taking these innovative products to their next stage of growth.”

MBC plans on making FSG33 and FCG33 immediately available for commercial sale and is working on additions to the product line including a hemp oil-based product.

For ordering, information, and samples of iActive FSG33 or FCG33, or to learn about other products from MBC such as its zuCarb™ line of rare sugars email


About the USDA, Agricultural Research Service, National Center for Agricultural Research Center (NCAUR).

The focus of the Renewable Products Technology Research Unit at the NCAUR (Peoria, IL) is to develop new technologies for converting renewable agricultural materials into high value chemicals, enzymes, and polymers.  Researchers in the unit use a variety of chemical, microbial, biochemical, and genetic approaches to address the need for new sustainable and environmentally acceptable value-added products.


About the Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation

The Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation is a biocollaborative organization dedicated to improving the United States technical competitiveness by commercializing scientific discoveries made in participating government and university agricultural laboratories.


About the Midwest Bioprocessing Center, LLC.

The Midwest Bioprocessing Center is a start-up biotechnology company formed in 2019 to bring important new bio-based technologies to market for human health and nutrition.  MBC’s proprietary brands include the zuCarb™ Rare sugar platform, the ThermoCat™ stable biocatalysts, and the iActive ferulated lipids and oils.  The Company’s proprietary technology platform allows production and modification of carbohydrates, glycochemicals, and lipids that would otherwise be impractical or impossible to make.  The Midwest Bioprocessing Center is located in Peoria, IL and housed in the PeoriaNEXT Innovation Center. The Midwest Bioprocessing Center has facilities to carry out enzyme biocatalyisis, fermentation, chemical synthesis, and product purification; and can produce gram to kilogram scale quantities in-house. For more information please contact:

801 W Main St

Peoria, IL 61606

Tel: (630) 230-0349

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