Midwest Bioprocessing Center and McKinley Resources Distribution Partnership

Peoria, IL (May 1, 2023) – The Midwest Bioprocessing Center (MBC) and McKinley Resources are pleased to announce a distribution partnership surrounding MBC’s FeruliShield™ feruloyl glycerides ingredients for cosmetics and personal care applications.  Under the agreement McKinley will be the exclusive distribution partner for FeruliShield™ products in North America.

FeruliShield™ feruloyl glycerides are part of MBC’s iActive™ brand of scientifically developed natural personal care ingredients – designed to deliver straightforward and technically validated products to B2B customers. Feruloyl Glycerides combine the photoprotective and antioxidant properties of ferulic acid with the formulation advantages of natural oils and can provide a powerful SPF-boost to sunscreen products.

McKinley Resources is a leading supplier of skin care, hair care, and over-the-counter active ingredients to the industry.

John Oliver, President of McKinley Resources stated,The McKinley-MBC partnership is a befitting combination that comes at a critical time for suncare-related ingredients. We are excited to showcase MBC’s innovative ingredients to the personal care and cosmetic industry.”

“MBC is extremely excited to be partnering with McKinley,” said Dr. David Demirjian, President of MBC.  “McKinley’s well-established industry presence will help broadly target our new FeruliShield™ products to the industry.”

McKinley Resources and the Midwest Bioprocessing Center will both be in attendance at the New York Society of Cosmetic Chemist’s Supplier’s Day event on May 2nd and 3rd.  They are available at the McKinley booth (#646) and a presentation on the feruloyl glycerides is scheduled at the Innovation Showcase at 11:20am on Tuesday, May 2nd.


About the Midwest Bioprocessing Center, LLC.

The Midwest Bioprocessing Center is a biotechnology company dedicated to bringing important new sustainable, bio-based technologies to market for human health and nutrition.  The Company’s proprietary enzyme and fermentation technology platform allows production and modification of new lipids, carbohydrates, and active ingredients that would otherwise be impractical or impossible to make.  MBC’s proprietary brands include the iActive™ FeruliShield™ feruloyl glycerides for Personal Care and zuCarb™ Rare sugar platform for pharmaceutical R&D.  The Midwest Bioprocessing Center is located in Peoria, IL and housed in the PeoriaNEXT Innovation Center.

For more information please contact:
Elena Chaikin, Marketing Manager.

801 W Main St
Peoria, IL 61606


About McKinley Resources, Inc.

McKinley Resources specializes in the distribution of skin care-, hair care- and over-the-counter active ingredients, natural exfoliants, and cosmetic specialty chemicals. McKinley focuses on providing solutions for anti-aging, anti-inflammation, anti-acne, anti-oxidant and skin lightening formulations with claim substantiation. We source materials from all over the world and use our experience and supplier relationships to bring you a premium selection of ingredients – whether they be new and innovative ingredients that keep you at the forefront of the latest trends, tried and trusted effective functionals, or hard-to-find specialties. We strive to be a one-stop source that provides customers with superior service, high-quality products, supporting technical information, and valuable insight on product application. Our goal is to partner with you for your raw material needs and help you to achieve your goals.

For more information, please contact us at info@mckinleyresources.com

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