Midwest Bioprocessing Center Opens Research Labs at the PeoriaNEXT Innovation Center

Peoria, IL (June 30, 2019) – The Midwest Bioprocessing Center (MBC), a leading developer of bioprocess technologies for human health and nutrition, announced today the opening of its research operations at the PeoriaNEXT Innovation Center in Peoria, IL.

“We are excited to locate our Company at the PeoriaNEXT Innovation Center,” said Dr. David Demirjian, Manager and co-founder of MBC.  “The facility provides us with state-of-the art laboratory space to help us fulfill our mission to provide new bioprocess solutions to customers and partners”

The MBC labs house the Company’s molecular biology, biocatalysis and fermentation capabilities and allow the production of novel compounds from gram to kilogram scale using MBC’s proprietary technologies.  MBC will commercialize products through both catalog sales and custom synthesis for customers and clients in the pharmaceutical and nutritional research space.

For more information on MBC technology and custom bioprocess solutions visit the Company’s website at www.mwbioprocessing.com. 


About Midwest Bioprocessing Center, LLC.

The Midwest Bioprocessing Center is a start-up biotechnology company formed in 2019 to bring important new technologies to market for human health and nutrition.  The Midwest Bioprocessing Center is located in Peoria, IL and housed in the PeoriaNEXT Innovation Center. The Midwest Bioprocessing Center has facilities to carry out enzyme biocatalyisis, fermentation, chemical synthesis, and product purification; and can produce gram to kilogram scale quantities in-house. For more information please contact:


David Demirjian


801 W Main St

Peoria, IL 61606

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