We are on Knowde!

Midwest Bioprocessing Center is proud to announce that our iActive cosmetic ingredients are now listed on Knowde. Knowde is the leading marketplace for chemicals, polymers and ingredients. 

FeruliShield™ feruloyl glycerides are natural personal care ingredients that don’t compromise performance. FeruliShield is a modified ferulic acid that offers a variety of formulation benefits that will help set your products apart in the saturated beauty industry:

✅ Strongly absorbs UV A & B
✅ Rapid antioxidant
✅ Protection of other active ingredients
✅ SPF Booster
✅ USDA Biobased Certified

FeruliShield™ can be added into many types of products, such as skincare (cleansers, serums, creams and lotions); sunscreens, of course; hair care (shampoos, conditioners, leave-in treatments, and masks); and even cosmetics (foundations, primers, settings sprays, etc.); allowing all of these potential products to shield you from the sun damage.


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